ABOUT Q Hydrogen

At Q Hydrogen, we deliver clean energy without compromise

We believe in creating energy solutions that are economically viable and completely sustainable. By methodically developing and testing our new and proprietary hydrogen technologies, we’re able to deliver more affordable and applicable energy solutions that work across industries. Patented Q Hydrogen technologies have been developed through the work of Whitaker B. Irvin, Sr., our founder and Chief Technologist, who began these efforts in 1997. His extensive research focuses on a new relationship between energy and matter, with a wide-range of applications.

Through our technological advancements, hydrogen will now be readily available to the world for the very first time as an affordable, clean, and scalable solution.

Clear Hydrogen is here.

Clean, powerful hydrogen in action

We believe in putting our technology to work. That’s why Q Hydrogen has spent 25+ years researching, developing, implementing, and proving our technology before going to market commercially.

Our operational test facility in Park City, Utah has been open since 2016 and can produce 10,000-50,000 kgs of hydrogen per day. To put that into context, with 15,000 kgs we can provide enough fuel to generate 12.5 megawatts of electricity (about enough electricity to run ~7,500 homes). Our hydrogen is analyzed in real-time and is directly used as fuel in the numerous test facility engines and generators.

Our first commercial implementation in New Hampshire is the world’s first power plant completely fueled by clean, affordable Clear Hydrogen. Using water from the adjacent river, the Q Hydrogen generator will start by producing fuel for around 10 megawatts of energy per day and can grow to over 100 megawatts as need is created. All of this is possible on less than 5 acres of property.

We are currently working on additional large-scale commercial projects in Sweden, Germany and many other countries. This will make affordable, Clear Hydrogen energy possible everywhere.

Together we can make the promise of a truly sustainable energy future a reality.

Q Hydrogen’s Commercial Implementation, New Hampshire