Truly transformational hydrogen

Q Hydrogen is a leading developer of sustainable, actionable hydrogen energy technologies. Our proprietary science allows for the production of Clear Hydrogen. This means we use less space, less energy, and are lower cost compared to natural gas, fossil fuel, and existing hydrogen production methods. Our ambition is to make hydrogen energy affordable, accessible and simple for all industries to use.

We create actionable energy technologies that exponentially impact industries.

Our patented technologies are completely new to hydrogen and backed by 25+ years of scientific research and development.

We work directly with our partners, collaborating to make hydrogen accessible across existing infrastructure and industries.

Our new Clear Hydrogen process is made possible by simultaneous breakthroughs in thermodynamics, quantum physics, and energy science.

What Makes Q Hydrogen Unique?

Our overall systems are more economically viable

due to breakthroughs in physics.
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We produce hydrogen using water,

no natural gas or electrolysis involved.
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We create Clear Hydrogen at ambient temperatures

through a physical dynamic process.

We are cost effective and easily scalable

no large infrastructure needed.